Saturday, May 11, 2013

Long Beach Comic Expo

Our R2-D2 appeared in several of the Pink Five fan films produced by Trey Stokes & starring Amy Earhart. Artoo appears sometimes as himself, and sometimes as R5-DD, a talking pink droid with an attitude. Dee Dee, whom Mike custom made for the film series years ago, made a rare appearance Saturday for a screening of the films at the Long Beach Comic Expo. Mike, who also starred in the film as a stormtrooper, enjoyed a cast reunion with other troopers at the screening. Afterward, Dee Dee joined members of the 501st Legion at their charity photo station.


Stormtrooper reunion

Amy Earhart & Trey Stokes
Amy Earhart & Trey Stokes

cast reunion
Voice Actor Stephen Stanton signs DD's dome
Dee Dee with members of the 501st Legion